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8 Tips to Getting The Best Massage

Lizaffiar 02/10/2020 0 comments

It’s important to know how you can get the most out of your massage each time. If you aren’t sure what to expect during your first massage, check out these tips:


Set A Goal

Are you looking for stress relief? To relax? To help with your headaches? To help with chronic pain? Make sure you know what your goal is and make sure you let your massage therapist know as well.


Arrive Early

Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to give you time to prepare your mind and body for the session.



Drinking plenty of water can increase the benefits of your massage; Drink plenty of water both before and after your sessions

Furthermore, you should...

  • Speak Up : Before, during and after your massage, communication is key. Communicating with your therapist before your session about how you’re feeling, your medical history and what you expect from the session will help to keep your session focused on your specific goals.
  • Experience Counts: When you book your appointment, you will be asked what type of pressure you like (light vs. heavy) and will pair you with a massage therapist that has a similar pressure level. If you have a massage therapist with a heavy pressure level, they can always lighten up to make sure you are comfortable.
  • Breath : You may want to hold your breath or find you are breathing irregularly, but it’s important to make sure you focus on this for the best experience.
  • Relax Your Muscles : The more you can let go of the tension in your body, the greater the effect your massage will have on the body.
  • Find Your Comfort Zone : Whether you prefer a heated table, dim lights or a particular kind of music, everything about your massage should be focused on making you feel good and comfortable 

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