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In this article, we’ll be showing you reasons why you need to visit the best spa in Abuja. Let’s get right into it.


Since your body wellness and beauty are of great importance to us, we’ve made sure that our equipment is very much in sync with your needs. Also, our equipment is very suitable for both males and females of all ages.

If there is a best spa in Abuja that would effortlessly meet your beauty needs and improve your skin to meet your skincare and body wellness desires. Look no further because Liz Affair Beauty Spa Abuja is right here for you. 

Greatly equipped amongst the spas in Abuja, Liz Affair Beauty Spa is one beauty and body wellness place that boasts of a multinational team of experts that would give you the  fine and unique treatment that you deserve. This easily stands us out as the best spa in Abuja


This sets us off as one of the best spas in Abuja because we are easy to find. Liz Affair Beauty Spa is suitably located at the centre of the city. Therefore taking away the hassle in making it in time for your beauty and body wellness appointments. 

You can easily find us at number 26 Alex Ekwueme Way, Jabi Abuja.

This unique location offers the very best spa in Abuja services with the Jabi Lake water front view and jetski, boats with the Jabi Boat Club beach sand with green environment to keep your mood relaxed.